Learn Vim

But why learn vim?

There are lots of reasons to use vim. Vim is an entirely different paradigm to the standard text editor, and has an extremely high learning curve, probably the biggest learning curve of any text editor or IDE. Despite the high learning curve, thousands of vim users still repeat: Use vim! Why would all of these people recommend such a difficult text editor, are they masochists?

Truth is, vim is extremely rewarding to learn, and once you get past that mountain of a learning curve, you start to realise that when you use vim, you can do things much faster than before. You can use the mouse in vim, but the mouse is a crutch, not something you'll use permanently; the mouse is only there to help you transition. The fully-integrated, butter smooth keyboard commands are what make vim great to use. You may be resistant to the idea, you may think "This is so much work just to use a text editor", but please trust me when I say it is worth it to stick with it.

The advantages to using vim might not be obvious, but I'll list a few:

  1. Vim is platform independent, it can be used anywhere. It can be used on Linux, MacOS, Windows, iPadOS, iOS, Android. It can even be used in a VPS. Once vim is your preferred editor, you can open up your fully configured, fully integrated vim in your VPS. This means you can edit in your preferred environment and feel at home in your VPS!
  2. Vim is a fully configurable, modifiable text editor which can be transformed into an IDE-like experience with full syntax highlighting, error checking, debugging experience with terminal integration, file trees, you name it! Vim probably has it. I'll show an image of my fully configured neovim below this list, and I'll link to my neovim config at the bottom of this page.
  3. You can experience a boost in efficiency like no other. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of time savers that you can learn in vim. You can be really fast with just the basic few commands, but once you start combining those keystrokes into more complex variations on commands, you get to be extremely efficient and fast at editing text. It took weeks, even months for me to get where I am today, but I can say safely that I am much faster at editing in vim than I ever was editing in a regular IDE or text editor.
  4. Vim is extremely light weight and fast! It opens in less than half a second and runs in a terminal, meaning you don't even have to leave your terminal to enter vim. It's right there are your fingertips.

First of all, I recommend just using neovim right out of the gate. Vim stands for vi improved, and vi is the predecessor to vim. Neovim is to vim like vim is to vi. Neovim has many improvements and QOL changes to vim that just make life better and easier.

If you're now convinced you want to learn vim, I will provide a list of resources for you to be able to learn vim below.

So what are you waiting for? Go install vim!