Low elo solo queue is infuriating.

Not talking about my ability to climb or some nonsense like that. I'm talking about how long it takes to even find a game in the first place, combined with your chances of it being an enjoyable experience once you get in the game.

You wait in the queue for like 3 minutes, accept the game, a high percentage of the time someone doesn't accept. You get into champ select, get all the way through picks/bans, someone leaves champion select. You get into your game, some is afk on either team and it's a remake. Nobody is afk in the game but someone is running down mid feeding intentionally, so you have to open lane.

Let's say none of this happens, then there's a good chance someone is gonna do something to make the game not enjoyable, but at least you can play. Not even sure if this stuff happens in high elo, but I can't imagine it happening.